Nature Series

Hiking In

Hiking In | 16″x20″ Pastel | 140115

This winter landscape, Hiking In, captures a snowy trip to the mountains. Our unexpected scenic hike to the cabin offered fun inspiration!

Juicy Fruit

Juicy Fruit | 10″x10″ Oil on Canvas | 130629-1

Juicy Fruit is in the L’Orange Series of grisaille style oil paintings.

Les Oranges

Les Oranges | 11″x14″ Oil on Canvas  | 130629-2

These oranges are painted in the grisaille method, using glaze over an ochre underpainting. Countless joy filled hours in my garden inspired this still life and the entire L’Orange Series.


PEACH | 6″x6″ Oil on Hardboard | 120602-0

Heavier strokes give this painting an impressionistic edge.


KOI | 36″x36″ Oil on Canvas | 120401-0

The bright orange Koi fish glow against the waters complimentary blues.

The Ram

THE RAM | 8″x10″ Watercolor on Arches Paper | 060000-0


Poppies 30"x40" Charcoal on Paper 090000-3

POPPIES | 30″x40″ Charcoal on Paper | 090000-3

This abstract rendition of Poppies is drawn in black charcoal.

Cut Lemons

Cut Lemons 18"x24" Pastel on Paper 080301-0

CUT LEMONS | 18″x24″ Pastel on Canson ‘Mi Tientes’ Paper | 080301-0

Ripe lemon exemplify a summers day with the warm analogous colors of yellow and orange. The bud lets you know there is more to come!


Butterfly 5"x7" Watercolor on Arches Paper 050000-1

BUTTERFLY | 5″x7″ Watercolor on Cold Press Paper | 050000-1

Bunch of Daisies

Bunch Of Daisies 8"x8" Watercolor on Arches Paper 040000-2

BUNCH OF DAISIES | 8″x8″ Watercolor on Arches Cold Press Paper | 040000-2

Who is resist the simplicity of a bunch of fresh daisies?!