Coastal Series


KOI | 36″x36″ Oil on Canvas | 120401-0

The bright orange Koi fish glow against the waters complimentary blues.



BEACH | 16″x20″ Oil on Canvas | 081015-0

This is a beach scene oil on canvas with pastel color tones. Orange County was experiencing wild fires at the time accentuating the sky.


SEASHELL | 30″x40″ Oil on Canvas | 110101-0


The Wave

The Wave 30"x40" Oil On Canvas 090701-0

THE WAVE | 30″x40″ Oil on Canvas | 090701-0

The mist from the water creates a reflective rainbow of colors as it catches the rays of the summer sun.

Morning Glow

MORNING GLOW | 4″x4″ Oil on Canvas | 120604-0



Kelly’s Sailboat

Kelly's Sailboat 8"x12" Watercolor on Paper 050000-2

KELLY’S SAILBOAT | 8″x12″ Watercolor on Cold Press Paper | 050000-2


Energy 11"x14" Oil On Canvas 090801-0

ENERGY | 11″x14″ Oil on Canvas | 090801-0

This painting harnesses the energy of the water both in the oceans movement and the force of the mist flowing through the air.

Glass Bottles

Glass Bottles 5"x7" Watercolor on Arches Paper 040000-1

GLASS BOTTLES | 5″x7″ Watercolor on Cold Press Paper | 040000-1

The transparency of the glass exposes a mysterious message in the bottle.


Gondola 18"x24" Pastel on Strathmore Paper 080401-0

GONDOLA | 18″x24″ Pastel on Strathmore Paper | 080401-0

This pastel was drawn from a photo taken by my brother, Jim, while visiting Venice, Italy.