Coastal Series – Oil



BEACH | 16″x20″ Oil on Canvas | 081015-0

This is a beach scene oil on canvas with pastel color tones. Orange County was experiencing wild fires at the time accentuating the sky.


SEASHELL | 30″x40″ Oil on Canvas | 110101-0


The Wave

The Wave 30"x40" Oil On Canvas 090701-0

THE WAVE | 30″x40″ Oil on Canvas | 090701-0

The mist from the water creates a reflective rainbow of colors as it catches the rays of the summer sun.

Morning Glow

MORNING GLOW | 4″x4″ Oil on Canvas | 120604-0




Energy 11"x14" Oil On Canvas 090801-0

ENERGY | 11″x14″ Oil on Canvas | 090801-0

This painting harnesses the energy of the water both in the oceans movement and the force of the mist flowing through the air.