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Kelly’s Sailboat

Kelly's Sailboat 8"x12" Watercolor on Paper 050000-2

KELLY’S SAILBOAT | 8″x12″ Watercolor on Cold Press Paper | 050000-2

Cut Lemons

Cut Lemons 18"x24" Pastel on Paper 080301-0

CUT LEMONS | 18″x24″ Pastel on Canson ‘Mi Tientes’ Paper | 080301-0

Ripe lemon exemplify a summers day with the warm analogous colors of yellow and orange. The bud lets you know there is more to come!


Energy 11"x14" Oil On Canvas 090801-0

ENERGY | 11″x14″ Oil on Canvas | 090801-0

This painting harnesses the energy of the water both in the oceans movement and the force of the mist flowing through the air.