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GARLIC | 4″x4″ Oil on Canvas | 120601-0

Nellie’s Gail

NELLIE GAIL | 18″x24″ Charcoal on Canson Paper | 080415-0

This horse was drawn from a photo taken by my daughter, Nicole.

Rollin’ Dough

Rollin' Dough

ROLLIN’ DOUGH | 5″x7″ Conté on Paper | 130512 | SOLD

This monochromatic loose sketch, created in the chiaroscuro method of strong light and dark contrast, depicts one of my favorite bakers! Bon Appetite!


Flowergirl 18"x24" Charcoal on Paper 080601-0

FLOWER GIRL | 18″x24″ Charcoal on Canson Drawing Paper | 080601-0

This images morphes the face of my daughter, Ellyse, with a sunflower.